Everything in the Cloud

If we look at the evolution of Internet infrastructure we have gone from managing your own servers, hardware and software to SaaS and Cloud in just over 15 years. While applications like browsers and services like Google are very exciting and useful to end consumers, it is the push to the Cloud that is perhaps the most powerful trend for businesses, large and small. As the Cloud opens up and becomes more ubiquitous, it will, in the long run, have a far greater impact on the promise of technology benefits.

Both the Cloud and SaaS win in these very critical areas:

  • No capital costs to start.
  • Pay only for what is used
  • Service costs scale with use
  • Services decrease in price
  • No hardware/network support costs
  • Services scale across geographic boundaries

The cloud does suffer from these problems today

  • Proprietary APIs
  • Lack of redundancy
  • Throughput Issues (inbound)
  • Expensive for steady-state use
  • Poor integrations with other cloud providers
  • No standards to integrate non-cloud based infrastructure

Tomorrow, definitions of cloud and SaaS technology…

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